One More Time With Feeling: A Reflection

One More Time With Feeling: A Reflection

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One More Time With Feeling: A Reflection

Nick Cave’s film, ‘One More Time With Feeling’, is directed by Andrew Dominik and marks the release of Cave’s next album ‘Skeleton Tree’. The content is weighted with the death of Cave’s son, Arthur, who fell from a cliff in 2015.

It is a masterpiece.

I want to sit with its emotional nuance and reflections for a lifetime. This is a film where life and death reside alongside and within one another. This is where the unconscious can be caught, in fragmented whispers.

I understand that fear of words. The fear of where words can take you, and of what they can reveal about you.

Great artists create an embodied history with their audience. Nick Cave and I have grown up together. We’ve had an evolving conversation with one another. Once we would craft chaos into narrative but now, he knows better than that. He tells the tale layer upon layer, not line after line.

The shades of this film evoke a curiosity about life and death that makes my heart ache – and sing.

The suggestion is, that this is how life works. In snippets of time that are drafted on top of one another all at once, not stretched behind and in front of us in a line. We try to shape our histories and stories with a narrative arch but it doesn’t quite work that way. Our lives often run in circles. We don’t really change. We just try to improve on the running version of ourselves. But some tragedies, like the death of a child, are a cruel and cutting offence to sense and reason.

Trauma changes us.

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